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New in Duolife!
It is a comprehensive dietary supplement, consisting of 2 complementary capsules. The Synbiotyc capsule contains a probiotic and BACTILARDII proprietary priobytic formula, based on 4 bacterial strains and 1 yeast strain.
Postbiotic capsule - contains postbiotic in a formulation based on butyric acid.
The intestinal microflora of a healthy person comprises about 100 trillion beneficial microorganisms.
A number of metabolic and immunological redactions necessary for the proper functioning of the human body occurs only due to the presence of beneficial microflora.
For people:
- with gastrointestinal problems related to disturbances of the natural intestinal microflora, including constipation or diarrhea,
- with gastrointestinal problems related to excessive stress
- during and after antibiotic treatment
- with the problem of lactose intolerance
- elderly, weakened, malnourished

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